Privacy Policy

SSDSunucum Internet and IT Services

Service Agreement [25/07/2019]
Our company's privacy and security policy is listed item by item below.

Subject and Duration of the Contract

Privacy Policy

You can browse my SSDSunucum website and review our packages without sharing any information. Requesting information is done only during the membership order.

My SSDSunucum undertakes to keep any information it receives from its customers and not to share it unless it is a legal obligation.

The information you transmit to SSDSunucum will be used only for its purpose (for example: billing with the TC Identity Number, sending SMS in various situations, etc.).

All information you transmit to SSDSunucum (TC ID Number, e-mail, phone number etc.) is stored on our servers with the highest possible security measures. Any hacking that may occur, etc. SSDSserucum does not have any legal or criminal liability..

Security Policy

Various security measures are used in our system to prevent loss of information, use of information in unauthorized situations and unauthorized modification.

For your purchases on our site, your credit card information is encrypted directly with the 256 Bit SSL (security) certificate and sent directly to the relevant bank's systems. No credit card information is kept in our system.

Our systems are based on the world-famous CentOS operating system, they serve with PHP programming language and MySQL database. The latest updates and the highest security measures that can be taken are regularly made by us.

You can delete your member account in our systems by contacting whenever you want.